the warm wall

A photograph  of  growth. 

It is composed from two shots, one of  the front and one of the back. This can be noticed around  the neck area, the sternum and wing.  It is a very  dear to me picture because the wall in the background is a wall of memories. As many teenagers, I used to have a room full of posters. The wall in the picture  was  a violent green and a good shelter for my huge collection of posters and articles about my favorite actor. After I took down all the posters before going to college, it remained filled with traces of glue. Like any "ingenious" person I tried to wash out these traces but as you can see I've washed it so well that it has become quite artistic. When I saw how it looks after its dry it inspired me to take this photograph. 

My dear wall has there  encrusted all my memories ... It's been there since as far as I can remember, “he” certainly knows me well. That's why I called it “the warm wall”.

This is just another shot I liked.


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